Thanks for your interest in our 20-question Relationship Behavior Questionnaire.  It's based on a 50-question dating assessment created by Relationship Expert and Developmental Psychologist, Michelle R. Callahan, Ph.D., featured in her book, MS. TYPED.  Inspired by her questionnaire yet feeling like some questions were not reflected in a way that I felt was more authentic to my work, I modified it and whittled it down to 20 questions. 

Of all the dating questionnaires I have taken over the years, Dr. Michelle's book and questionnaire have been the most eye-opening.  It helped me to see my blind spots when it came to relationships.  May this questionnaire be a tool to help you to begin to think about how you show up in your relationships, as well.  Please provide the REQUIRED information below.

Once you've completed the questionnaire, email it to me at and I will provide you with the results.  
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